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Commission Information

The Start

Email directly with the following:

  1. A description of what you want. It would be especially helpful if you had a particular narrative in mind.

  2. Any references for the characters, props, vehicles, background, etc in your image. (i.e. Age, personality, pose, material, etc. Anything left undefined will be left for me to decide. The more complicated the design process on my part, the greater the additional cost.)

  3. Purpose of this commission*. i.e. Personal poster, Book cover etc (This information is needed to help define the size and settings of the image file)

  4. Specific deliverable items. i.e. Specific cropping sizes, file types, etc (The default package is a full-res .png of the commission)


Ideally we will have a conversation about each of these points so that we are both on the same page.

*Commissions for Commercial projects will require further discussion.

From here you will receive preliminary sketches based on the information presented. Provide any feedback and changes to the sketch. You will also be quoted a price at this point.


Things I will not do:

Excessive Gore


Invoices will be sent in USD via Paypal as per prices listed below. Unless otherwise requested or specified, payment will follow a 50% down payment model. 

  • Once the initial sketch has been decided upon, an invoice for the down payment will be sent.

  • When payment has been confirmed, work will begin on the bulk of the work. (Rendering and or cleaning up design work.)

  • Upon completion of the image(s) A low res .jpeg file will be forwarded to you for approval. List any changes and edits you require made. The first large edit* will be considered free of charge, but subsequent changes will be charged an additional fee.

  • When the final image is approved an invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you. Once a paid the final .png and .psd files will be released to you as an email or Google Drive download link.

*A large edit will be something along the lines of completely re-positioning a limb, changing intricate details or panel lining work etc. If you are unsure if your edit is a large one or not, please ask.

Bust / Half Body

100 USD Base Price.


Single Character

250 USD for battle damage and weathering



480 USD for 2 main characters fully weathered and battle damaged.

+120 USD for every subsequent character weathered and battle damaged.


Large Scale Battle

2200 USD for 10+ characters fully weather and battle damaged.


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